Nový článek Mgr. Mirovského a doc. Novotného

Přinášíme nový článek kolegů z ČASEM - Mgr. Tomáš Mirovského a doc. Ing. Jiřího Novotného, CSc.

31. 12. 2022

Kolegové z ČASEM Mgr. Tomáš Mirovský, MBA a doc. Ing. Jiří Novotný, CSc., vydali nový článek "Volunteer work at the 2018 Olympic Festivals in Brno – on some key organizational aspects of sports event project management and financial value of volunteers' work".


The work quantifies the value of volunteer work that was done during the organization of the Olympic Festival (OF) in Brno in February 2018 based on the specification of individual volunteer positions according to the ISCO classification and the median average wage for each level for the South Moravian Region in February 2018.

The vast majority of sporting events cannot really do without the active involvement of volunteers. Mega sports events need to fill dozens of positions with staff for which they usually do not have the necessary budget and therefore supplement their organi-zational team with volunteers, hoping for a sufficient number of volunteers (i.e. quantity) but also for their competence (i.e. qua-lity). The task of volunteers is usually to provide those services that are in direct contact with spectators and active participants, especially in the case of mass sporting events. These activities are often a combination of "responsible/monotonous/stressful".

This paper compares the planned numbers of volunteers to deliver a 17 day long sporting event carrying a national impact with the actual numbers generated by accurate records throughout the project, and struggles to provide best possible answers to the question of what the additional cost to the organizer would have been if volunteers had not been part of the organizing team.


Volunteers, mega sports events, Olympic Festival, Olympic Games, voluntary work, economic impact (value)

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